John John Conquering a Sea-Monster
John Steinbeck once wrote, "men really need sea-monsters in their personal oceans. An ocean without its unnamed monsters would be like a completely dreamless sleep." While John John Florence's surfing is inhuman, his drive to explore and overcome his recent "sea-monster" of an...
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Daily Dose of Inspiration – The Lucky Ones
As we all stay home and do our part by distancing, we find ourselves craving real connection and creativity. Caught between the news and memes, a daily dose of inspiration can give us true perspective. The Lucky Ones, directed by Jeff Johnson and...
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Top 10 Songs For The Next Time You Get Outside
Times have been weird under quarantine lockdown and I find myself daydreaming about times spent in the great outdoors to distract from my current reality. What triggered this daydream sequence was listening to the song “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out. I was immediately taken back to that crisp northern morning coasting along those massive and untamed rock formations. Pure happiness and adventure. 
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VATIV in BELIZE: Reef to Jungle
Our friends over at Vativ took a trip down to Belize earlier this year. Splitting their time between scuba diving in the Blue Hole with blacktip sharks and Black Hole Drop repelling in the Belizean jungle, they caught some of the most epic footage we have ever seen. Not to mention, these boys know how to rock the hell out of the Drifties. We are particularly fond of the Seafoam Drifties with the matching Seafoam button down that is constantly billowing in the wind. Let your mind escape your couch for a little bit by immersing yourself in adventure.
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Who would win in an underwater fight - The Power Rangers or Aquaman?
Oftentimes comparing two items, things, or people that shouldn’t belong in the same category is a great way to gain perspective. It can educate us on the inner workings of the two items being compared, and teach us facts that we can tell our friends/family to sound more intelligent. Asking who would win in a fight underwater between the Power Rangers and Aquaman is like asking a waterman/waterwoman to compare compression shorts (spandex material) to neoprene (wetsuit material) – yet people still have trouble answering that question. 
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