Drifties™ patent-pending, wetsuit-lined boardshorts were specifically designed for watersport performance. Utilizing neoprene has so many benefits beyond those thin compression liners, so you can perform at your best when you're out on the water.



The 'lightbulb' moment for Drifties occurred on the beach right before a sunrise surf session. We know the products that surfing needs, and we believe we found an answer.

Year-Round Use

Start boardshort season early & rock them 'till the fall with a 2-in-1 liner combo that we've all been waiting for.

Protect 'The Boys'

The liner stays comfortably in place, helping to prevent rash & chafing around the areas that matter most.

Wetsuit-Like Warmth

0.5mm of neoprene lining provides cold water protection, keeping you warm and stylish at the same time.



Whether behind a boat or ripping along a cable, Drifties are perfect for wakeboarders looking for extra comfort & protection in the water.

Pop Up With Ease

No need to worry about those ghostly upper thighs being exposed after the pop up – Drifties stay in place so you can focus on your ride right from the start.

No Bunching

The super soft neoprene allows the outer shell to move freely across it, so you don't need to pull them down constantly throughout your ride.

360º Comfort

Show that kicker who's boss as you get ready for takeoff with all-around comfort in both body & mind.



River kayaking, prone paddling, outrigger canoing, you name it – Drifties are the ultimate game changer for chafing protection and warmth.

Extra Padding

Give yourself some extra cushion to prevent 'kayak butt' from that hard plastic seat. A half-mill of buttery soft neoprene does just the trick!

Cold Water Protection

When rushing through rapids or pushing past that early-morning break, a little extra warmth from the neoprene liner helps keep your mind on the task at hand.

Stay Chafe-Free

Sitting for awhile in a few inches of water can often create a rash down there, but Drifties keep you covered so chafing is no longer an issue.