Does e-foiling take away from surfing?

At this point, most of us have seen the photo of Mark Zuckerberg cruising on his $12,000 e-foil in Hawaii earlier this week. For a large portion of the American population, this might have been the first time seeing an e-foil. To have Zuck be the overly-sunscreened face of this “sport” is really such a shame. The real crazy part about this picture is that in the original photo, he is actually riding next to Kai Lenny, the current wunderkind of foiling. The juxtaposition of Zuck wearing way too much sunscreen with the deer-in-the-headlights look in his eyes vs. Kai Lenny, the bronzed & toned waterman of Hawaii really made me stop and think – does e-foiling take away from surfing?


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Shoutout Socal: Meet Wes Horbatuck of Driftline
Shoutout Socal: Meet Wes Horbatuck of DriftlineDriftline founder and self-proclaimed burrito aficionado, Wes Horbatuck, was recently interviewed about all things Driftline and San Diego in Shoutout Socal. Click the link below to read how Wes & Greg started Driftline, what it takes to turn a passion into a business, and what they consider must-do's when friends come into town!
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From Duct Tape to Highlight Tape
Written By: Peter F. Grooves It was the summer of 2017 right before my favorite time of the year. The clouds were finally starting to break apart and the May gray and June gloom of San Diego was finally becoming...
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