Who are Driftline athletes?

We're STOKED to partner with a select group of watersport athletes, content creators, and epic individuals who represent all of the things we value in life. Ranging from professional athletes to multi-sport specialists, this team is adept at showcasing the diverse usage of Drifties™ across surfing, wakeboarding, foiling, kiting, and watersports as a whole. We're proud to showcase these rad humans as they go out there and Meet Their Moment every single day.


A band of childhood friends who grew up within the athletic mecca of Hood River, OR, The Sickos are stitched together by a talented group of world class athletes, filmmakers, and personalities. From pro snowboarders & kite surfers, to the content creators behind Jamie O'Brien, this crew remains tied together through their common love of extreme sports.



Professional wakeboarder, watersports enthusiast, and content creator from Central Florida, where he spends all his time on the lake and in the ocean – always spreading the love of watersports.



Filmmaker and professional fun-haver who turned his passion of making videos into a full time job. On top of creating content, Jackson is constantly chasing waves, wind, and snow to continue doing the sports he loves a la mode.



Surferer, Smilerer, Engineer. That's what sums up Tanner's personality as someone who found surfing at 16. After dumping his engineering career to chase big wave surfing, Tanner still froths like a grom whether its a 1' or 40' wave. Tanner likes to chat about mental health, fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, and chasing your true passions!



Stevie is a pro water skier out of West Palm Beach, FL where he trains relentlessly on and off the water every day. On top of skiing and creating content, he is an avid CrossFit athlete and works full time in the music industry.



Fynn, is the definition of a dual-sport athlete. His time spent living in Orlando, FL for summers helped craft his wakeboard expertise, and winters in Copper Mountain, CO led him to become a professional snowboarder at the same time. Fynn is psyched to have amazing supporters and sponsors who help him live out his dream of being on a board.



Yury Tsedenov is an IT specialist based in New York with a passion for surfing and continuous progress. Turning his love for technology and water into a creative outlet, Yury has transitioned his surfing hobby into a part-time profession as a content creator. Through his adventures, he shares the thrilling experiences of surfing and exploring the beauty of the ocean.



Chase is a 23 year old rider-of-all-boards living on a small lake in Scott, AR! Having a passion for wakesurfing, wakefoiling, and wakeboarding with his best friend Ace, they've been sharing their experiences with the world in their search for the smoothest water & craziest sunsets!



Growing up on the East Coast, Will was always thought to be crazy for surfing in the winter in sub-zero temperatures rather than a traditional sport. This never stopped him, and he continued to pursue his love for surfing. This brought Will out to Southern California for college, where he expresses his passion for the ocean as a content creator & sharing his love for the water.



Chance is a professional skimboarder from Orange County, CA with a deep passion for the ocean and constantly on the search to discover new & unique waves along the West Coast. Outside of the water he enjoys snowboarding, videography, and exploring new


Mason Banks

Mason is a second generation Encinitas, CA resident. This young surfer is currently experimenting with what his future in surfing may hold. Whether it’s competing, content creation, traveling, or surfing big waves. He wants to do it all.

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Host of the Grab Matters Podcast, an avid wakeboarder, and a fan of all things boarding, Hunter's podcast features open and honest conversations with professional athletes (current & former), industry icons, and those passionate for all things in the towed watersports world. No stone is left unturned and no story is filtered, giving an in-depth look into wakeboarding industry.




Drifties are hands down the most useful boardshorts on the market. Not only does the wetsuit liner provide additional warmth, but also protects me from chafing so I can never stop doing the sports I love.

Jackson Lebsack

Multi-Sport Athlete & Content Creator


You’re only as good as your weakest link, and that's especially true with the gear you use. Drifties have allowed me to improve my game tenfold now that I'm never held back by discomfort, or restricted by less-than-perfect shorts.

Jaden Reichl

Professional Wakeboarder


We live to tell stories both in-and-out of the water. On shoot days where we're doing just that, Drifties are the perfect balance between warmth and comfort for a full day of filming in with no chafing at all.

Vativ Media

SoCal Creative Agency