From Duct Tape to Highlight Tape
Written By: Peter F. Grooves It was the summer of 2017 right before my favorite time of the year. The clouds were finally starting to break apart and the May gray and June gloom of San Diego was finally becoming...
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Surfbored Painting in Quarantine
I could never let it go. Even when one of the fins snapped off, it was waterlogged, and it had too many dings and holes to be worth fixing, I kept it. I was thinking one day I would do something cool with it, whether that be a table, a chair, or a bar.
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John John Conquering a Sea-Monster
John Steinbeck once wrote, "men really need sea-monsters in their personal oceans. An ocean without its unnamed monsters would be like a completely dreamless sleep." While John John Florence's surfing is inhuman, his drive to explore and overcome his recent "sea-monster" of an...
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Daily Dose of Inspiration – The Lucky Ones
As we all stay home and do our part by distancing, we find ourselves craving real connection and creativity. Caught between the news and memes, a daily dose of inspiration can give us true perspective. The Lucky Ones, directed by Jeff Johnson and...
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