RinseKit Creators & Innovators: Driftline Founder Wes Horbatuck
Greg and I are often in situations where we're working with creatives to help promote and showcase Driftline. We have a brand - they are creatives - time to  make something cool together. Every now and then it's awesome to have the tables turned and work with someone who sees us as the creative. That's exactly what RinseKit is doing with their latest Creators and Innovators Series. Watch here...
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After quite the offseason for the Driftline boys, we're so pumped to finally launch our Spring '22 Collection! Filled with new styles, an OG restock, and fan favorites, this line (and our Summer & Fall) are sure to be classics in the rotation when you're out on the water.
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Featured in Sunset Magazine's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!
"What makes Driftline’s board shorts unlike any other is its wetsuit lining. They will keep you compact and warm whether you’re surfing, wakeboarding, or paddling. Drifties even combat that treacherous moment of shock when you pop up out of the water and expose your thighs to the frost, staying in place so you can focus less on adjusting and more on shredding."
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Solento Surf Festival: Embracing the Community Deli Feel
Treat each day as an adventure to be thankful for and trust that the world is full of more good people than bad. As the months and years have passed since I lived out of my truck, I’ll admit that some of that mentality has slowly slipped away from me. Last week’s Solento Surf Festival put on by Taylor Steele at the Paloma Theatre in Encinitas was the kick in the ass that I desperately needed to bring it all back to top of mind.
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ESPN Radio - The Weekend Warrior
Yesterday, we had the pleasure of being interviewed on the ESPN Radio show, Weekend Warrior. The host, Dr. Robert Klapper is a renown orthopedic surgeon and creatively gives his perspective on sports and the injuries that impact athletes. Being an inventor himself (and a user of Drifties) he asks some really compelling questions about creativity, passion, and inspiration. Take a listen
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