WATERMEN WORKOUTS: Strength Like Clockwork

WATERMEN WORKOUTS: Strength Like Clockwork
Strength comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to watersports, it’s a whole different kind of game. Our second series of #WatermenWorkouts will bring our coach @emmajanderson into the fold, showing us a number of strength-related exercises to help generate bodily power and explosiveness in your next watersport activity. Her two exercises today will focus on opening and strengthening the shoulder muscles and then build on the shoulders while adding in the core to focus on balance and power. Pop up quicker, paddle harder, and find mental comfort with these upcoming moves. #driftline #meetyourmoment #watermenworkouts
About Emma
Emma lives in Pacific Beach, San Diego and has been a personal trainer for almost 4 years. She works with a variety of clients from functional training, sports enhancement, to corrective exercise and mobility. She believes it's important to train your body in all the facets if you want to see the best results for whatever your goals are. If you're interested in learning more, you can visit https://fitathletic.com/club/gyms-san-diego-downtown/#section-6 or Emma's personal IG @emmjanderson

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