Sitting at our desks all day can lead to shortening and tightening of our gluteal and major hip flexor muscles. This lack of movement can lead to a decrease in range of motion, muscle soreness and extra loading in the lower back. Not to mention – an even harder time springing into position on our boards.

In our third series of #WatermenWorkouts,  Coach @chiro_cara shows us a few simple sequences for warming up the hips before hitting the water. 
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About Cara
Dr. Cara Gilligan is a Doctor of Chiropractic based in Atlanta, GA with a passion for yoga, strength training, endurance sport, and the great outdoors. Chiropractic philosophy honors the body's ability to be a self-maintaining & self-healing organism when given the proper environment. Nourishing our body through movement, proper food & water, as well as getting out in nature, is what allows us to thrive! Movement is life! Enjoy the waves!
Instagram: @chiro_cara