Introducing: Jackson Lebsack
We’re proud to have Jackson Lebsack join the Driftline Team as our new Team Rider! Born from the athletic mecca of Hood River, OR, Jackson has turned his life passions into an award-winning production & content creation company. He’s traveled the...
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When you launch a lemon, make lemonade.
It’s important to realize when a product that you created is a lemon. It could be a lemon because of the way you marketed it, designed it, etc...but either way, you should move on, right?Well, we decided to take another...
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Message in a Bottle: What Holds Our Memories
The ocean holds a special place in all of our hearts. Whether it was your first surf, competing in your high school swim meet, or the first time you went skinny dipping – it’s a powerful force that holds our memories. This past week, one of our friends and recent star of our Holiday Driftline ad was surfing up here in North County San Diego when he found an actual message in a bottle – another true keeper of memories.
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TESTED & APPROVED | BSR Wave Pool Video Premiere
Driftline's new patent-pending, wetsuit-lined boardshorts called Drifties™ are made with a built-in 0.5mm neoprene liner that's attached to a stylish outer shell. We traveled to the BSR Wave Pool in Waco, TX to put our Drifties to the ultimate test – a full day of surfing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing. The result was INSANE!!
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R.I.P SURFER Magazine - The True Culture of Cool
As a budding teenage Waterman exploring the North East coast, the idea of surf culture was always a very distant fantasy to me. Trying to conceptualize and embrace both the history of surfing in the grungy-coolness of the sport were hard concepts for a lanky longboarder living in the middle of Connecticut. Easy access to artistic surf films on YouTube, epic clips of airs on Instagram, and streaming of live WSL events weren’t a thing at that time. Back then, there was SURFER magazine.
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