TESTED & APPROVED | BSR Wave Pool Video Premiere
Driftline's new patent-pending, wetsuit-lined boardshorts called Drifties™ are made with a built-in 0.5mm neoprene liner that's attached to a stylish outer shell. We traveled to the BSR Wave Pool in Waco, TX to put our Drifties to the ultimate test – a full day of surfing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing. The result was INSANE!!
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R.I.P SURFER Magazine - The True Culture of Cool
As a budding teenage Waterman exploring the North East coast, the idea of surf culture was always a very distant fantasy to me. Trying to conceptualize and embrace both the history of surfing in the grungy-coolness of the sport were hard concepts for a lanky longboarder living in the middle of Connecticut. Easy access to artistic surf films on YouTube, epic clips of airs on Instagram, and streaming of live WSL events weren’t a thing at that time. Back then, there was SURFER magazine.
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