RinseKit Creators & Innovators: Driftline Founder Wes Horbatuck

RinseKit Creators & Innovators: Driftline Founder Wes Horbatuck
Greg and I are often in situations where we're working with creatives to help promote and showcase Driftline. We have a brand - they are creatives - time to  make something cool together. Every now and then it's awesome to have the tables turned and work with someone who sees us as the creative. That's exactly what RinseKit is doing with their latest Creators and Innovators Series. RinseKit is much like Driftline as they created a unique product for the outdoor thrill-seekers. Their outdoor portable shower is always in my car ready to clean either me or my equipment off after a surf, paddle or sail. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down and sharing my story with them. Here's a small glimpse into my mind and my day-to-day as a waterman, outdoorsman, and founder.
-Wes Horbatuck

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