ECO Drifties™

ECO Drifties™

When we launched Driftline in 2019, we made a conscious decision to focus on innovation and community while keeping sustainability on our company’s roadmap. We have always given back and helped protect the ocean in our own personal way, but we are excited to have reached a point as a company where we can financially support an organization that makes direct impact on a global scale.

But, this isn't the only eco-friendly impact we've made. We are excited to announce that on 3/10/23 we are launching:

ECO Drifties™

This all new version of Drifties saves 70% of the water for future re-use during manufacturing. It also uses only ⅓ of the energy compared with traditional apparel machinery, and can then re-use 30% of that heat energy during production. Along with that, the process for ECO Drifties emits 50% less carbon into the atmosphere.

We're so excited at this step towards creating less impact on our Earth, while still developing innovative products for all watermen.

How do you want to help shape the future?

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