OUTSIDE Magazine: Best Boardshorts of 2021
Outside Magazine: 2021 Summer Buyer’s GuideBest Boardshorts of 2021 The great news just keeps on coming! We are SO pumped to be listed amongst some great company as one of the ‘Best Boardshorts of 2021’ in Outside Mag’s Summer Buyer’s...
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Jamie O'Brien filming Jackson ripping in the Drifties is SO SICK!
Our newest Driftline Team Member, Jackson Lebsack, was getting after it at Pipeline with Jamie O'Brien and the boys last week! For those who don't know, Jamie O'Brien is one of the biggest names in surfing and posts weekly vlogs showcasing his insane lifestyle, next-level barrel skills, and his ability to get people PSYCHED! Our boy Jackson is one of the key members of his film crew, living an equally wild life. In his recent vlog, Jamie held a surf competition between the 4 members of his film crew and filmed/commented on it himself. He's having viewers vote on the winner by commenting on the YouTube video. In our opinion, Jackson (rocking the Living Coral Drifties) definitely took home the gold - but watch the video and choose for yourself. On an awesome side note, one of the other members of Jamie's squad, Justin Graham, is rocking the Whalebone Drifties in the video - let's go boys!
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