Bye-bye Magicseaweed, Hello Mega Surfline
Small businesses in the surf industry, including smaller surf forecasting websites and apps, may face challenges in competing with Surfline's resources and reach. But amidst the changes, some surfers worry about the impact on the sport's authenticity and grassroots culture - and the big question is - does that matter? Should it matter? 
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We Were Interviewed by Gary Vee's ONE37pm!
We recently got to sit down with Bo Templin of ONE37pm to talk about Driftline. ONE37pm is Gary Vee's digital media brand built around three words: For the Curious. Bo is a sports writer for ONE37pm and is the go-to guy for all things surf and SoCal culture. It was not only epic chatting with him because he 100% understands Driftline and our vision, but he also is a true local to Encinitas - the location of Driftline's HQ.
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