Tropical Surf with our Athlete: No-Chafing, All Wave Chasing

Tropical Surf with our Athlete: No-Chafing, All Wave Chasing

Recently, our athlete Yury, known on social as @skippersurfreview, embarked on his first surf trip of 2024 to Puerto Rico, armed with our wetsuit-lined boardshorts. Picture the warm Puerto Rican sun and azure waves as the perfect setting for this adventure. With epic surf in the forecast, he left the wetsuit, booties and hood in Brooklyn and packed Drifties, so he could battle the notorious chafing that surfers often face on a surf trip. 

Yury’s experience in Puerto Rico wasn't just about catching waves; it was a showcase of how our boardshorts stand up to the challenge of surfing in the tropics. His adventure is captured in the video above is more than surfing; it's a narrative of adventure, style, and travel with family.

Interested in testing out our boardies? Use Yury's code SKIPPERSURF for 20% off.

So, whether you're a seasoned surfer or just starting, our wetsuit-lined boardshorts offer the comfort and protection essential in the water. Yury's adventure in Puerto Rico is a testament to their performance. So, why wait? Gear up with Driftline, hit the waves, and create your own surf story. And for more thrilling surf content, don't forget to follow @skippersurfreview!

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