What is May Gray & where is it hiding the sun?

What is May Gray & where is it hiding the sun?

We recently came to the conclusion that someone or something needs to take the blame for this ever-gray sky in SoCal. If you're not from SoCal, this time of year is referred to as May Gray and June Gloom. So what is to blame? As your trusty watersports brand, we're here to unravel the mysterious dance of the marine layer, temperature inversions, and weather systems that conjure up these whimsical coastal phenomena. So, grab your Drifties and get ready to get wet.

The Marine Layer Chronicles - A Misty Love Story - Picture this: the Pacific's cool waters and mischievous onshore winds teaming up to create the ultimate misty ensemble. Enter the enchanting marine layer—a delicate blanket of cool, moist air that saunters inland during the wee hours of the night. Like a magical potion, it weaves its way through the coast, transforming clear skies into a tapestry of gray.

  1. Temperature Inversions: Unlocking the Upside-Down Magic - Within the marine layer lies a fascinating phenomenon known as temperature inversions. Think of it as Mother Nature's cheeky twist—where the normal temperature profile of the atmosphere flips on its head. This inversion layer plays the role of a lid, keeping the cool, moist air closer to the surface while the warm air reigns supreme above. Voilà! May Gray and June Gloom are born!

  2. Synoptic-Scale Sorcery: Dance of the Weather Gods - As the marine layer and temperature inversions work their mystical mojo, synoptic-scale weather systems join the party. Low-pressure systems and troughs can't resist adding a touch of drama, intensifying the onshore flow and deepening the marine layer. It's like the weather gods themselves decided to don their capes and sprinkle a little extra misty magic over our beloved town of Encinitas, CA (home to Driftline).

To all you warm weather-lovers of SoCal, as a watersports brand rooted in the misty magic of our coastal haven, we invite you to attempt to embrace May Gray and June Gloom, because the sunshine is near. The marine layer, temperature inversions, and weather systems weave a tapestry of atmospheric wonder. Ride the waves knowing that within the mist lies a world of captivating beauty and limitless possibilities and smaller crowds. But fear not, the sun is on its way. So, don your wetsuit-lined boardshorts, grab your boards, and let the misty magic guide you to new waterborne horizons. Your adventure awaits!

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