Top 10 Songs For The Next Time You Get Outside

Top 10 Songs For The Next Time You Get Outside
Written by: Dan Montalvo

Times have been weird under quarantine lockdown and I find myself daydreaming about times spent in the great outdoors to distract from my current reality. Specifically, I think back to one surreal summer morning when I was getting my kayak launched into the middle of Lake Superior to weave through the Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior’s shoreline (that’s right, Drifties ain’t just a San Diego thang). When you get launched into a Great Lake that is literally frozen for the majority of the year then you are extremely grateful for your Seafoam Green Drifties and the warmth they bring down under.

What triggered this daydream sequence was listening to the song “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out. I was immediately taken back to that crisp northern morning coasting along those massive and untamed rock formations. Pure happiness and adventure. 

It dawned on me that it might be worthwhile to create a little playlist that takes me back to some of the best times spent cruising along the Chicago lakeshore on my longboard, drinking beers around bonfires with friends, camping in Starved Rock State Park, and riding my bike around New Orleans on a Saturday morning.
*Presses play and yells “Take me back!” into the void*

I challenge you to create your own top 10 playlist that reminds you of cherished times spent outside and share it with the Driftline crew!

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