Drifties™ are the premier 2-in-1 boardshort that provides all watersport athletes with a patent-pending 0.5mm neoprene inner lining connected to a stylish outer shell – offering comfort & support during activity.

*We recommend sizing up, as Drifties run a bit small because of the inner liner*

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Wish you had a size 35.
34 is a bit too tight and 36 too wide

The best boardies

These are seriously the best boardies you can get, and they legit do keep you warmer. Great for early morning sets and the spring and fall seasons.

They are great and my son loves them

Nice shorts but yet able to get anyone on the phone

Great Shorts

We wanted to love these shorts so much. They look great and feel nice on. The problem was my husband was between sizes. There is a string to tighten them around your waist, but the string didn’t go clear around the waist. It only tightened the front, so there was a gap in the back of the shorts. They fit perfectly everywhere else, so he couldn't get a smaller size.

Warm and comfortable

Just as advertised. They fit great no slipping down. Zero chafe. I would highly recommend

unbelievably comfortable

Buying these was both a blessing and a curse. They're undoubtedly the most comfortable, quality boardshorts ive ever seen. but now I won't be able to go back to normal, low quality options. 100/10

Perfect combo of warmth and comfort

Wetsuit Lined Boardshorts Green Sage Mens Drifties

The size was smaller than actual fit. Would recommend a size up than your usual

Perfect fit and super comfortable


Just perfect, nothing more to say!!

4 out of 5

I like the material and the way they fit. The only thing I would say is that the Velcro fly should extend all the way up to under the tie string. The way it is now there is a gap and the fly does not lie flat. I have other shorts that the Velcro fly is the whole length and there is no gap.

Great style and fit. Keeps me in Boardshorts for longer

Keeps me in the boardshorts longer! Dries quick even with the wetsuit liner

Ended up returning. Didn’t realize it was hand wash only. Not practical for me but nice looking product.

Great fit. Very well made, most important they stay up and keep you warm no chaffing

Comfortable, stylish, and practical. Win win win.

I ordered a size 32 as that’s my size for all things pants-related. The liner fit perfectly, but the waist didn’t have much give.

Smaller sizes

My son wanted a pair of these so badly! I got a size 30 because it was the smallest option knowing they might be a little big. He is normally a size 29. They are HUGE on him. But we are keeping them until they fit! The quality and colors and great though

They are very long. I’d like to return them.


I bought one pair of these shorts for my 20 year old son. He loved them so much that I decided to buy another pair for my 28-year-old son. I bought the wrong size. And I was able to return the wrong size very easily! The new shorts were sent immediately upon my request for an exchange. The new ones were already on the way before they even received my returned shorts at no cost to me. I highly recommend this company! The customer service is outstanding, and the quality is fantastic. Well worth the money!

Wetsuit Lined Boardshorts Slate Blue Mens Drifties

Fit wells and are very comfortable

Driftline Bucket Hat White

Looks great

Wetsuit Lined Boardshorts Slate Blue Mens Drifties

Love these but 1) legs are bit too wide 2) they don’t dry fast enough 3) they don’t breath at all - can the lining be perforated to help them to dry faster and breath more?