The Monday M.A.S.S. || 5-Star Review from Chris Coté & Todd Richards!

“I was surfing in them and forgot the wetsuit liner was there. They were comfortable and I could tell the practicality, especially for a surf review of the Driftline wetsuit trunks is very positive…5 out of 5 would stars, would recommend.”

- Chris Coté -

The Monday M.A.S.S. || August 24, 2020 Episode

If you have been involved or interested in action sports within the past 20 years at all, you know the names Chris Coté and Todd Richards. Chris Coté is a local Encinitas legend who got his start as a competitive skater and surfer who made his way to become the editor of Transworld Surf Mag. He currently hosts and commentates for the WSL, is the editor of Encinitas Magazine, and runs his podcast, The Monday M.A.S.S. On top of this, he is an epic family man and gets out in the water with his kids often – he still rips with the best of them!

Todd Richards was and is a snowboarding megastar. As a former U.S. Olympian and 7-time Winter X Games medalist, he knows the ins and outs of the action sports world and now works with NBC sports as a commentator when he’s not co-hosting the Monday M.A.S.S Podcast or surfing with his kids at our same local break – we won't name the spot...  ;)

After linking up with Chris Coté earlier this week to hook him up with a pair of Drifties, he got in the water up in North County and gave them an epic test run. Low-and-behold, on the latest episode of "The World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast," Chris and Todd give their first product review ever and they gave Drifties 5-STARS!!

This is all mind-blowing to us, and you have to hear it for yourselves – feel free to scrub forward to around the 27-28:00 mark, and stay tuned for Chris & Todd to get into the Drifties review. Yeww!!!

The Monday M.A.S.S. || August 24, 2020 Episode