Making it Stick: Using StickerMule for Brand Awareness

Making it Stick: Using StickerMule for Brand Awareness
Growing a loyal customer base can be accomplished in many ways, but one of the easiest & most creative ways to do so is through brand stickers. As a two-person team in our small business, we knew that stickers would provide a fun branding opportunity to include in customer orders. We've since seen our fans slap them on their Hydroflasks, stick 'em to their surfboards, and place them all throughout our HQ of Encinitas (and greater San Diego). Simple, yet effective...this initial concept of branding has since developed into its own form of guerilla marketing, and is inherently building an even deeper sense of loyalty & interest across our customers.
Our go-to company for brand stickers is StickerMule – one of the leading global companies that offers quality products, free shipping, and fast turnarounds. We primarily use their waterproof stickers, which are coated with a durable protective laminate to keep them water & scratch-resistant.
As we continue to grow, we're excited to introduce more designs that show how we progress as a brand – and give YOU guys even more rad swag to rep from ocean-to-ocean.

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