Drifties™ wetsuit-lined boardshorts were specifically designed for watersport performance. Utilizing neoprene has so many benefits beyond those thin compression liners, so you can perform at your best when you're out on the water.

Born From


Boardshorts for surfing have lacked actual innovation for far too long. That's why we fused together neoprene & an outer shell to create a performance-driven product that's perfect for your next wave.

Extra Padding

Whether sitting on the board – or for bouncing off the reef – Drifties provide an extra layer of padding that normal boardshorts don't have.

Cold Water Protection

No more peeling off that full wetsuit mid-way through June. Drifties allow you to extend the season in both the spring & the fall.

Chafe Prevention

Avoid the classic "waddle walk" out of the water with the 0.5mm neoprene liner. It helps keep things buttery where they're supposed to be.



Drifties are the perfect gear for wakesports – whether you're behind the boat, or ripping down a cable track!

Keep Things In Place

No need to pull down your boardshorts as soon as you stand up – the neoprene liner hugs your thighs and keeps the trunks where they should be.

Stay Warm

With the wind at your face in those colder lake & river waters, keep your lower half warm as you flow down the line with some extra padding.

Rip All Day

When you're carving that wake or shredding a cable park for hours, no need to worry about chafing around your thighs. We've got you covered!

Perfect For


"Kayak Butt" is a thing of the past when there's a layer of neoprene between you and that hard plastic.

Sitting in Clouds

Give your glutes a little extra love with 0.5mm of buttery-soft neoprene between that hard seat of your kayak. You'll never want to go back!

Chafe No More

Itching and rubbing in your seat for 2+ hours is a thing of the past with Drifties. You'll feel comfortable and chafe-free unlike those thin compression liners.

Splash Zone Protection

Whether you're paddling down rapids or doing an accidental barrel roll, rest assured that your lower body stays warm throughout.