Watermen Series: A Surf Story in Paradise

Watermen Series: A Surf Story in Paradise

When your buddy calls you to say the waves are perfect - you grab your board, your favorite pair of Drifties and you go.

Meet local Hawaiian watermen, Jack Ho and Nick Kapule as they show why Waikiki is one of the most beautiful surf breaks and locations in the world. Shot by Matty Leong and Jack Martin, this short edit embodies the stoke and lifestyle of a waterman living in the moment.

Jack Ho:
Go to Drifties: Midnight Black
"No rash, total comfort and keeps the jewels warm, all in style"Nick Kapule:

Nick Kapule:
Go to Drifties: Slate Blue
"Super comfortable and warm - perfect for early morning or late afternoon surf sessions in Hawaii. Super unique invention that will revolutionize surf apparel."


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